An IPO for… Bacon?

Investors trade all sorts of things, from stocks and bonds to grains and pork bellies.

But thanks to a new stock exchange in Liechtenstein, now they can trade something new:


Today I’ll tell you why trading Bacon can be so exciting and profitable...

And explain how you can get…

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This Credit Card Is Bad for Hackers… but Good for You

Your Lost Luggage Has Now Been Found

U.S. airlines lose two million suitcases a year. Where the heck does all that luggage go? Surprisingly, it all goes to the same place »

This Flight to New York Could Change History

A plane scheduled to fly from London to New…

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Would You Pay $2,500 to Detect Cancer?

Is Tesla Coming After McDonald’s?

Evidently tiring of making cars, Tesla is branching out into food service. Check it out here »

Your Phone Is No Longer Safe

A devious new device can kill your smartphone, no stealing of passwords or hacking required. Beware »

Don’t Make Your…

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OMG — The Hands-Free iPhone Just Arrived

Are Electric Airplanes Too Quiet To Fly?

Pilots have started testing electric airplanes. And they’re all noticing the same strange thing about them. Get the scoop »

An Entire Thanksgiving Meal for $12

Turkey with gravy, sweet potatoes, crispy onions, green beans, cranberry sauce — here’s how you can…

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A Ten-Bagger from “Betting” on Sports

On January 4, 2000, Mark Cuban made a heck of a good bet:

He bought the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise for $285 million.

According to Forbes, the Mavs currently bring in about $300 million in revenues a year, mostly from broadcasting deals and ticket sales, with bottom-line profits of around…

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Did a Dog Find Jimmy Hoffa?

Elon Wants Your “Entire Financial Life”

X, the company formerly known as Twitter, is in trouble. There’s even talk it might go bankrupt. No matter, says CEO Elon Musk. He’ll save the company using your hard-earned dollars. Here’s how » 

Companies Want You to Smell the Roses 

Companies aim…

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Why Did Bezos Pay $6,000 for This?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently took a trip into space.

At precisely 8:12 a.m. Central Time, the rocket attached to his Blue Origin space capsule lit its engines. Bezos blasted upward, soon reaching an altitude of 351,210 feet.

At the peak of his flight path, Bezos was weightless. He unstrapped…

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14-Year-Old Creates New Cancer Treatment

This Guy Is Sitting on $235 Million… And He Can’t Get at It

Because of a lost password, $235 million worth of bitcoin is locked on a USB drive. A team of hackers believes they can unlock it — but there’s a catch »

Weird S**t You Can Buy

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