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What is Crowdability, and how can we help you? Watch this two-minute video to find out…

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The JOBS Act

The JOBS Act is a new set of laws that will give all investors the ability to invest in early-stage, private companies. Learn all about the ins-and-outs of these new laws:

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What is Crowdfunding?

Thanks to a new phenomenon known as “crowdfunding” and websites like KickStarter, it’s easier than ever for a new business to get off the ground. But now there’s a new form of crowdfunding—“equity crowdfunding”—and it has the potential to change how you invest.

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Crowdfunding Portals

Where should you go to find private, early-stage investment opportunities? You should visit special websites known as “crowdfunding portals” that feature deals from all around the country. Learn more about them in this special video:

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What are “Venture Capitalists”?

Venture Capitalists (or “VCs” for short) are professional money managers. But instead of investing in stocks, they invest in start-ups. Learn more about them below:

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What’s an “Angel Investor”?

Just like Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors invest in start-ups. However, they don’t manage money for others, they invest their own capital. Find out how you can become an Angel Investor here:

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Am I an “Accredited” investor? Can I invest in start-ups?

For now, only certain types of investors can invest in start-ups and other types of private equity. But in the very near future, that will all change. Learn about who currently qualifies to invest in start-ups below:

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Title II & Title III of The JOBS Act

The JOBS Act isn’t just one law, it’s a collection of laws designed to give investors access to early-stage, private investments. Learn about two of the most important components of The JOBS Act below:

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Title IV of The JOBS Act

For the first time in 83 years, all investors, regardless of net worth, have been given access to private equity investments. It’s thanks to a breakthrough component of The JOBS Act known as “Title IV.” You can learn more here:

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White Papers

In addition to our weekly emails and essays, Crowdability offers evergreen resources to help you become a more successful equity crowdfunding investor.

Here are some initial resources to get you started.  Please check back often as we'll frequently be adding new reports and information.

Crowdfunding Platform Guide - Your Guide to the Private Markets »

The private markets are about to open their doors to all investors -- but where will you find these private investment opportunities? Whether you're interested in investing in technology start-ups, real estate, or even fine art, this guide will show you where to look.

Crowdfunding 101 - The Equity Crowdfunding Market in a Nutshell »

For years, wealthy investors have had the right to invest in high-growth companies at their earliest stages. In some of the boldest changes to U.S. securities laws in nearly 100 years, the SEC just gave the rest of us the same access. The revolution is called Equity Crowdfunding. Here's what you need to know.

The 10 Commandments of Crowdfund Investing - A Reference Guide to Investing in Start-ups »

With President Obama’s recent signing of an historic piece of legislation called the JOBS Act, everyday citizens can reap the rewards of investing in early-stage private companies. They call this new opportunity Equity Crowdfunding – and along with the potential rewards come unique risks. Here are Ten Commandments to help you navigate and conquer this new world.

Tips From The Pros - Four professionals reveal how individual investors should approach Equity Crowdfunding. »

For decades, Venture Capitalists have honed their skills at identifying, investing in and profiting from early-stage companies. In this report, four of these professionals reveal how individual investors should approach Equity Crowdfunding.

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