Elon Musk: Cop Killer?

Tesla’s having a tough run of it lately.

Not only is its stock down 60% over the past 12 months…

And not only is Elon Musk making headlines almost every day over his fumbling takeover of Twitter…

But Tesla vehicles themselves are also making headlines — and for all the…

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Your Chance to Become a Supervillain

This Pillow Knows When You Snore

Is your partner’s snoring keeping you up at night? You could hit ‘em with an old pillow to make it stop — or you could just give them this magic pillow »

BMW Can’t Figure Out What Color to Paint Its Cars


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How Harvard Crushes the Market — And How You Can, Too

You know who’s got a lot of money?

And no, I’m not talking about Elon Musk. (According to Bloomberg, even after losing $200 billion since 2021, he’s still worth $137 billion.)

I’m talking about colleges.

In the U.S. alone, colleges are sitting on more than half a trillion dollars.


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This Popular Drink May Cause Baldness

Your Christmas Gift May Be at Risk

Did you get a sweet new tech toy for the holidays? Make sure you protect it — and yourself — by clicking here »

The Internet Could Become Extinct

A professor at the University of Amsterdam believes the internet is fundamentally broken.…

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A Trippy Investment in the $8.3 Billion Psychedelics Market

Ever tried mushrooms? The “magic” kind?

I haven’t.

But I’ve heard so much about psychedelic drugs recently that I’m getting curious. Especially because so many professional investors believe this might be the next gold rush.

So today, I’ll give you a quick overview about what psychedelics are…

Then I’ll show…

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Robots are Coming… to Save You Money

Are Toys the Next Hot Investment Sector? Maybe — Thanks to “Kidults”

Toys are flying off the shelves this holiday season. The thing is, kids aren’t the ones playing with them — “kidults” are »

Elon Is Stepping Down

Last week, Elon Musk posted a poll asking if he…

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Trade in Your McDonald’s Sundae for 10x Your Money

In my humble opinion, the McDonald’s sundae is the perfect companion for a road-trip.

It tastes like ice-cream. But because of some miracle of food science, it doesn’t melt like ice-cream. As long as the car isn’t too hot inside, it might last thirty or forty minutes.

On a long…

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Elon Musk Is Getting a Brain Implant — Will You?

Life-Saving Vending Machines Are Here

Candy… sodas… cars… it seems there are vending machines to sell just about everything these days. But only one such machine could save your life. Get the scoop »

[VIDEO] Puppy Pulls Fire Alarm at Doggy Daycare, is Very Sorry

High-school students have been…

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The Most Powerful Supercomputer on Earth

In 1878, Professor James Murray embarked on an ambitious project.

His goal was to create the world’s first comprehensive English-language dictionary: The Oxford English Dictionary.

This dictionary would take over 70 years to complete, eventually encompassing more than 414,825 words and definitions.

In the days before computers, this must have…

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