Tesla is Selling Beer

Coin Flips Aren’t Fair

Can’t decide what to do? Flip a coin. After all, the odds are 50-50, right? Well, as scientists recently determined, coin flips aren’t 50-50. Learn more »

To Own a Car in This Town, You’ll Need Six Figures of Cash

The cost of owning…

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It’s OK To Forget All Your Passwords

The One Streaming Platform Viewers Can’t Live Without

Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Max — as it turns out, there’s only one streaming service that customers refuse to live without. Learn more here »

Your New Car — Assembly Required

IKEA is known for affordable flat-pack furniture that customers assemble themselves. Now,…

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$700 Housing In San Francisco

They 3D-Printed What?!

Scientists have already 3D-printed ligaments, tendons, even skin. Now, they’re close to printing the body’s most vital organ. Wow! »

New York City is Sinking

Planning a trip to the Big Apple? You might want to visit soon — before it’s underwater »

Original Picassos…

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How to Turn a 35% Loss into a 104x Gain

Everyone knows the “simple” way to make money in the market:

Buy low and sell high.

For example, buy into a stock when it IPOs, then cash out when it trades higher.

But today I’ll show you a different way to profit from an IPO. This is a way to…

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Costco Is Selling Gold

This Just In: New Coke Stinks

We recently wrote to you about Coca-Cola’s forthcoming “AI-generated” soda. Since then, consumers have had a taste of it, and the reviews are... interesting »

A Great Reason To Have Dinner at Home

You already spend money after finishing your dinner by leaving…

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Ring Here for 140x Your Money

In 2013, a young entrepreneur named Jamie Siminoff went on the TV show “Shark Tank” to pitch his startup.

Jamie’s company was creating a Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell, so you could see a live video feed of what’s happening at your front door at any time. He called it DoorBot.


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Free VR Headsets

Multi-Millionaire Lets an Algorithm Run His Life

Bryan Johnson is obsessed with living forever. He’s gone to such extreme lengths, he now lets an algorithm run his life. What’s that like? Find out here »

Here Come Cancer-Detecting Biochips

Imagine a computer chip capable of detecting airborne viruses, or…

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How in the world is this worth $1.1 million?

I read something in the news yesterday that blew my mind.

A sweater just sold for $1.1 million.

It’s a wool sweater, the kind you’d wear to a tailgate party, or to go apple picking, or to get a laugh at your company’s “ugly” Christmas sweater party.

More than a…

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