Investing Secrets of the Ultra-Rich

I received interesting feedback to my article last week…

If you recall, I shared some wisdom from Fred Wilson, one of the top startup investors in the world.

Wilson is a venture capitalist. That means he invests in startups for a living. More specifically, he manages what’s known as…

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This Robot Is Delivering 2,200% Returns

Stripes is a New York-based venture capital firm.

And to identify the best startup investments, it uses a robot named SONAR.

SONAR’s recent wins include sneaker-maker On Running (an 1,800% return), software company (a 2,200% return), education platform Udemy, and the list goes on and on.

Want to get…

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Priests Hired to Talk to Aliens

NASA Telescope for Sale — on Craigslist?

In 1990, NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia launched from Cape Canaveral. The Space Shuttle had some amazing technology on board — and now it’s for sale. Check it out here »

Buying a Home Next Year? Read This First…

The U.S. housing market…

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Three "Billionaire Rules" for 10,000% Returns

Fred Wilson is one of the most successful startup investors in the world.

He was an early investor in startups like Twitter, Twilio, and Etsy — all of which are now multi-billion-dollar publicly traded companies.

That’s why he regularly tops Forbes’ “Midas List” of early-stage tech investors, and is rumored…

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3 Simple Ways to Crush the Stock Market in 2022

Last week, Wayne showed you how to give your portfolio a big boost in 2022.

As he explained, adding a tiny shot of “profit steroids” could double your wealth.

What exactly is this performance enhancer? Private equity. In other words, startup investments.

To take advantage of it, you only…

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The U.S. Now Has a Laser Weapon

Madmen Strap a Rocket to a Christmas Tree

A ragtag team of engineers really got into the holiday spirit. They strapped a rocket engine to a Christmas tree and took to the skies. Wait until you see what happens next »

Santa Claus is Coming (Back)… to Zoom


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2022: Your Portfolio on Steroids

During the first half of the 20th century, the sport of powerlifting was dominated by U.S. athletes.

But at the 1954 powerlifting championships, a new force emerged: the Russians.

Which left everyone wondering:

How were they able to improve their performance so quickly and so dramatically?

As it turns out,…

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Biden Broke Your Internet — But This Fixes It

Remember when the internet was for watching cat videos?

Those days are long gone.

Nowadays, the internet is a crucial gateway to education, a job, and commerce.

But there’s a big problem. Millions of Americans can’t get decent internet service. They have just one choice for a provider. And that…

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Rocket Scientists are Just as Dumb as the Rest of Us

Investors in Lego Sets Are Killing It

We’d bet that your portfolio doesn’t include this unusual investment. But given that it’s generating double-digit annual returns, maybe you should be adding it »

Exercise — Now There’s a Pill for That

Scientists may have found a way for you to…

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