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VR Enters the Classroom

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Bend, OR

VEDX Solutions is bringing virtual-reality (VR) technology into the classroom.

This company creates bundles of VR educational content. With these bundles, students can put on VR headsets and learn in a virtual, immersive world.

Imagine being able to visit historic Gettysburg or operate a virtual storefront to master business skills — it’s possible with VEDX’s interactive content.

According to Research and Markets, VR’s use in education will become a thirty-two billion-dollar market by 2026. VEDX has built minimum viable products of its VR content and partnered with nearly two dozen education content providers. The company has a paid pilot project in Panama and interest from more than fifty schools in the U.S.

Team Background

Jay Schnoor - Chief Executive Officer
Diana Bernal - VP of Partner Relations


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