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Mobile Software & Services


Boston, MA

What if you knew exactly how to slow down your aging? That’s the premise behind a startup called Humanity.

Humanity is a mobile app that enables you to monitor your rate of aging and then receive guidance for how to slow it down.

Using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, this app discovers your daily habits and those of others like you. It then offers tips and actions to take in order to improve your “H Score,” a metric for helping you understand how quickly you’re aging.

Humanity is backed by professional investors Seedcamp and OneWay Ventures, as well as the co-founders of Calm, a health-and-wellness app once valued at two billion dollars. The company’s founders have previously scaled consumer apps to one billion users and achieved successful exits.

Team Background

Peter Ward - Co-Founder & CEO
Michael Geer - Co-Founder & CSO



A UK-based venture-capital firm investing in early-stage startups.

Breega Ventures

Europe-based venture-capital firm investing in emerging startups.

One Way Ventures

A Boston-based venture-capital firm.

$5 million
$2.224 million (44%)
Current Valuation
$30 million Cap / 0% Discount
Min. Investment
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Title III
(For all investors)
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Notable Investors
  • Seedcamp
  • Breega Ventures
  • One Way Ventures
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