Paleo Automotive

Car Repairs on Your Schedule

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Mobile Software & Services


San Antonio, TX

Too busy to get to a mechanic? Let the mechanic come to you.

That’s the idea behind Paleo Automotive, an automotive-technology startup that’s changing the way cars are repaired and maintained.

This company provides on-demand technicians qualified to assist with everything from oil changes and tire rotations to safety inspections and brake-pad replacements.

Customers simply download the Paleo Automotive mobile app, then upload information including their location and vehicle. They then choose the service or repair needed and receive quotes from qualified, highly-rated technicians. If a customer accepts a quote, they’ll use the app to schedule a time and the technician will come to their home or office to complete the repair.

Along with repairs, Paleo Automotive’s app can be used to request fuel on-demand. If a user is stranded with an empty tank, or simply doesn’t have time to fill up, they can place an order through the app and have their vehicle fueled right at their location.

Paleo Automotive’s business was intended to restore drivers’ trust in auto repair, a sector that’s historically battled a reputation for workers being slow, dishonest, and only out to make a buck.

Furthermore, while drivers are often charged an arm and a leg for repairs, the bulk of money spent doesn’t wind up in the pockets of the men and women doing the actual work.

These are the problems Paleo Automotive was designed to solve. Using its platform, drivers can get access to competitvely-priced mechanics, while workers can earn more money by helping customers directly, rather than through a big-name auto-repair business.

Paleo Automotive operates using a freemium business model. Users can sign up for free, and request repair services and gas delivery. Gas delivery comes with a $4.99 cost per trip and the company also charges users $9.99 to pick up or drop off vehicles for necessary repairs.

If users choose, they can pay $9.99 per month for a premium membership. Premium members receive unlimited gas delivery free of charge and don’t pay anything for any concierge service that’s requested.

With respect to market size, Paleo Automotive targets the 160,000 independent auto shops throughout the U.S. This creates a sixty-three-billion-dollar total-available market (TAM). The company is already operational in San Antonio, Texas and generates more than $250,000 in monthly revenue. Paleo Automotive aims to expand to ten cities initially, including Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Indianapolis, before going nationwide.

Team Background

Robert Black - President & COO

Robert has twenty-five years of experience in the auto-repair industry, including setting up a multi-store auto parts point-of-sale business.

Notably, he grew Paleo Automotive’s first brick-and-mortar car-repair shop into a multi-million-dollar business within three years. And prior to his time with the company, he was President of Poppe Automotive for twenty-six years.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from St. Mary’s University.

Piyush Prakash - Chief Technology Officer

Piyush has spent twenty years developing innovative technology solutions. He has a proven track record of growing businesses, having helped one IT-services company grow to fifty million dollars in annual revenue.

In addition to his role with Paleo Automotive, he is Founder and CEO of, an e-commerce platform supporting the cryptocurrency market. Before that, he was Chief Technology Officer with EnergyFunders, a financial-services company.

Earlier in his career, he founded Field Genie, a company focused on big-data tracking and Artificial Intelligence applications. Before that, he spent thirteen years with iLink Systems, an IT-services firm, as a programmer. He began his career as a software engineer with TATA Interactive Systems, a similar IT-services company.

Piyush earned a Bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas.

Paul Black - Co-Founder & CEO

Paul has more than thirty years of experience in the oil & gas industry. He is passionate about the automobile-repair industry and the potential of technology to play a major role in enhancing the customer and technician satisfaction.


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