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Coral Springs, FL

Doroni Aerospace is developing a safe, affordable personal aircraft.

This is a type of Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft, or “eVTOL.” And it’s intended for the fast-growing Urban Air Mobility market. Morgan Stanley predicts this market will be worth one trillion dollars by 2040.

Once available, anyone will be able to own, fly, and store a Doroni Aerospace aircraft. All they’ll need is a driver’s license and training-course completion to get started.

This company’s aircraft is meant to take people into the skies and off the roads, where the average American spends 250 hours a year committing to work. Twenty-eight percent of greenhouse emissions are generated by transportation, and thirty-six percent of America’s 620,000 bridges need major repair or replacement.

Doroni’s aircraft, called the H1, was designed to simplify the complexities of flight with a simple and intuitive auto-stabilizing control system. The aircraft is made using aviation-grade materials to ensure it is lightweight and durable. And the cockpit’s twin control sticks provide a familiar interface. The company’s proprietary ecosystem of apps and navigation system make it easy to plan and execute flights with precision and accuracy.

The H1 is fully electric and has seating for two. It fits in a standard two-car garage and will retail for around $300,000. Top speeds will reach 140 miles per hour and the aircraft will feature a range of sixty miles. The craft will charge from twenty percent battery to eighty percent battery in about twenty-five minutes.

With respect to safety features, Doroni’s H1 has multiple redundancy batteries, emergency airbags, and a whole airframe ballistic parachute. Additionally, the aircraft features patented enclosed propellers, a design which offers benefits like higher lift efficiency and noise reduction.

The H1 will be targeted at first responders, military branches, law-enforcement officials, and those seeking one for personal use. Doroni has completed more than fifty successful test flights and partnered with key technology companies like Honeywell and Garmin.

The company has raised nearly four million dollars from investors and received 270 pre-order requests. Doroni aims to deliver its aircraft to its initial customers in 2025.

Team Background

David Grambill - Chief Aerospace Engineer

David has extensive aerospace-engineering experience. He began his career as a structural engineer with General Dynamics, a defense company. He then became an airframe design contractor with PDS Tech, a staffing company.

From there, David spent seventeen years with Boeing, working as a structural engineer and analyst. After that he was a design quality leader with Leonardo, a defense company, auditing design processes for Federal Aviation Administration certification and approval.

More recently, he was a chief engineer with XTI Aircraft, an aviation component manufacturing company. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Doron Merdinger - Founder & CEO

Doron first gained experience in the aerospace industry while serving in the Israeli Air Force.

From there, he joined Hazorfirm, a retail business selling luxury artifacts, first as its Marketing Director and later its CEO.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Finance from NYU.

Eyal Segal - Chief Financial Officer

Eyal has more than twenty years of financial experience.

Before joining Doroni earlier this year, he spent six years with Teledyne, a defense and space-manufacturing company, serving as its Director of Finance and Director of Financial Planning. Before that, he was a controller at Kenshoo, an advertising-services company.

Earlier in his career, Eyal was a senior associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers and held the same position with Ernst & Young. He also served six years in the Israeli Defense Forces as an officer in the Logistics unit.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.


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