Atom Limbs

A Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm

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Palo Alto, CA

Atom Limbs is building the human body 2.0.

It’s a robotics company that’s created a mind-controlled bionic arm.

• CNN described this arm as “like something out of space come to Earth.”

• 60 Minutes called it “amazingly human. A breakthrough.”

• And Quartz declared it “the most advanced robotic arm in the world.”

This company's arm is the world's first wearable with individual finger control and a basic sense of touch. It's intended to assist the more than sixty-five million people who have lost a limb, part of the $800 billion physical-disability industry.

Atom Limbs is backed by Moai Capital, J4 Ventures, and Village Global. In early tests, 100% of subjects were able to move all their joints using this arm.

Team Background

Eric Monsef - Chief Technology Officer

Eric joined Atom Limbs in 2021.

He began his career as a product design engineer with HAL Computer Systems, a computer manufacturer. From there, he was a mechanical design manager with Trimble Navigation, a company working on GPS technology.

After that, he became a product design manager with Compaq, a computer manufacturer. While there, he developed the company’s Presario laptop product line. From there, he began a 15-year career with Apple, working as a senior director of mobile product design. Notably, he managed Apple’s core hardware team of 180 engineers and led the architecture and design of the original MacBook.

More recently, Eric spent a year with HP, working on 3D scanning technology. He then co-founded a pair of computer software companies.

In addition to his role with Atom Limbs, he’s spent the past 17 years as a part-time professor at Santa Clara University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management.

Doug Satzger - Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Doug’s 30-year industrial design career includes time with Apple, Intel, and Palm.

He started as a senior designer with Thomson Consumer Electronics. From there, he was an industrial design studio lead with IDEO, an award-winning global design company.

He then spent 12 years with Apple, serving as an industrial design manager and industrial design creative lead. Notably, he directed the design for the first iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook.

More recently, Doug was Senior Director of Industrial Design with Palm, a computer software company. He then became Vice President of Industrial Design for Intel.

In addition to his role with Atom Limbs, he is an advisor for MirrorCache, an IT services company, and Human, a technology company focused on consumer electronics.

He earned a degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Erik Shahoian - Chief Architect

Erik has 35 years of experience in the medical, aerospace, and robotics industries. His expertise includes both R&D and product development.

Prior to joining Atom Limbs, he worked for Apple and Tesla. He also founded two medical device companies. Throughout his career, he’s been named on more than 120 patented products and technologies.

Erik holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Tyler Hayes - Co-Founder & CEO

Tyler is a serial entrepreneur with experience leading startups to successful “exits.”

He co-founded Bebo, a social media platform acquired by AOL for $850 million, and later acquired by Amazon. Prior to that, he founded Prime, a mobile app for personal healthcare records. Before that, he spent three years in the product division of Disqus, a blog comment hosting service.

Earlier in his career, Tyler owned Tyler and Techie, an IT services business. He started as Chief Technology Officer with Monica Marketing.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Olaf College.


Village Global

A VC fund investing in early-stage startups.

$5 million
$1.637 million (33%)
Current Valuation
$65 million Cap / 0% Discount
Min. Investment
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Title III
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  • $150K
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  • Village Global
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