Major Milestones for Startup Investors

We’re celebrating a major milestone this month.

12 years ago — in April 2009, to be exact — the world of startup investing was transformed.

This transformation ushered in a new era of business opportunities for entrepreneurs…

And new profit opportunities for investors like you.

But as you’ll see today,…

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Join Elon Musk for Profits of 27,962%?

Elon Musk sure knows how to make money — for himself, and for his investors.

For instance, he co-founded PayPal (PYPL), which is now worth over $132 billion. He also founded Tesla Motors (TSLA), which is currently worth more than $1 trillion.

In fact, if you’d invested in Tesla’s IPO,…

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Book Your Next Flight with Uber

Boat or House? A $100,000 Difference

City officials in Miami contend that a certain “floating structure” is a house. But its owner says it’s a boat. Who’s right? The answer could be worth $100,000. What do you think? »

Uh Oh… McDonald’s Is In Trouble

Vending machines nowadays offer…

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These 54 Families Shared Their Sleeping Habits

Dyson’s New Headphones Blow Air

Dyson’s known for its awesome vacuums and fans. But why in the world did it start making headphones… and why do they blow air? Check them out »

Scammers Love Flowers

Spring has sprung! That means flowers, warmer weather, and cyber scammers. See the…

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The Most Expensive Object Ever

Can you guess what the most expensive object in the world is?

While you’re thinking about your answer, let me tell you what it’s not:

  • It’s not the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, which cost $1.5 billion to construct.
  • It’s not London’s Heathrow airport, which required…

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This Startup Is (Literally) Going to the Moon

This might be hard to believe…

But once upon a time, America did great things.

One of the greatest? When President John F. Kennedy challenged NASA to put a human on the moon in 10 years or less… and NASA delivered.

But that was more than fifty years ago, and…

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[Video] Watch Elon Musk Dance

The Next Silicon Valley Is in Canada?

Miami and Austin have each been hyped as the next Silicon Valley — warm, sunny hubs where people can work from the pool. But as it turns out, another city has them beat »

Woman Pays $1,000 To Have Ad Injected into…

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You can see it from space…

I recently discovered a huge platinum deposit.

It’s so big you can literally see it from outer space.

But as I’ll explain today, its visibility has nothing to do with its size. Instead, it has to do with something far more intriguing…

Something that could lead investors like you to…

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Prepare Yourself for Infinite Wealth

Right before our eyes, an astonishing new sector is taking shape.

In fact, it could soon become the most valuable sector in history.

Before I tell you what it is, consider the size of some of America’s biggest industries:

  • Consumer Goods, which includes all the clothes, food, and products…

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These 7 Ideas Were Too Weird for NASA

No More Finger-Pricks

A little-known company is developing a device that can detect glucose levels without a blood sample or an implant. This could save a lot of lives. More here »

This Helmet Can Read Your Mind — Would You Wear It?

Ever wonder what’s going on in…

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