This Camera Can Undress You

A Hot Dog and a Gold Bar

If you’re looking for a hedge against inflation, how about an investment idea that’s outside the stock market? Just take a trip to this super-store »

Unusual News About Your Online Privacy

All the stories we read about online privacy seem to…

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New Law Forces Your Boss to Leave You Alone

The April Fools’ Joke that Changed the World

On April 1, 2004, everyone thought this company was simply playing a joke. But the “joke” was real — and it ended up changing the way you work forever »

Your Internet Might Get 1,000,000x Faster

Do you wish your internet…

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How a Random Belarusian Ended Up in Space

This is the First Person to Implant a Computer in His Head

Noland Arbaugh is the first person with a Neuralink brain-computer implanted in his head. He says the technology will change the world — and he wants to show you how »

Don’t Buy This Gas for Your…

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If You Hear These Four Words, Hang Up

This Plane is 10x Bigger than a 747

A startup is creating the largest plane ever made. The thing is, it’s not intended to carry passengers — only this one specific item »

The Next Hot-Spot for Tourism? Mars

If you’re trying to plan a memorable vacation, here’s a great…

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This Smartphone is 1,000 Years Old

Coffee for Deaf People

A new Starbucks shop is designed to cater to a special group of coffee drinkers. And its landmark opening may be a sign of more to come. Get the scoop »

Surgeons Perform Operation Using Gaming Device

Apple’s new VR headset can be used for…

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FDA Grants “Breakthrough Therapy” Status to LSD

Target Just Launched a $49/Year Membership. Should You Get It?

Amazon created a membership program to increase revenues. Then Walmart did it. Now, another retail giant is following in their footsteps. Should you hop on board? »

Trump Meets with Elon Musk

Donald Trump just paid a visit to…

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Do You Like Bugs? NASA Needs You

This Dog Can Do a Backflip

This dog doesn’t shed, bark, or have “accidents.” It can even do backflips. Introducing man’s best friend 2.0 »

Look Out Your Window

An upcoming flight from Austin to Detroit isn’t expected to be anything special. Unless you’re talking about what passengers will…

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Elon Musk Proves Mind-Control is Real

Billionaires Are Building Secret Bunkers

The world’s wealthiest citizens are spending a fortune on apocalyptic shelters, complete with fiery moats and water cannons. Do they know something we don’t? »

No More Meetings!

Stuck in an endless series of useless meetings? If a certain startup has its way, you…

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Robotic Worms Could Save Your Life

An Old Lemon Sells for More Than Your Monthly Mortgage

When a 19th-century cabinet went up for auction in England, staffers discovered a 285-year-old lemon in the back of a drawer. The cabinet ended up selling for forty bucks. Curious how much the lemon went for? Much, much more…

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This Year’s Super Bowl Winner Is…

What the Heck Is This Secretive Startup Up To?

A stealthy startup just closed an eight-figure funding round, despite revealing little more than a plan that involves landing on the moon. Should we be intrigued, or worried? »

A Restaurant Where Food Is Getting… Cheaper?

Fast-food used to be…

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