Strange New City Opens After 50 Years

Uber Aims to Fix Its Checkered Past

Uber has made many mistakes when it comes keeping riders safe. But a new partnership promises to give passengers a new level of security. Learn more »

Beware These Vacation-Rental Red Flags

Looking for a Labor Day vacation rental? Steer clear of…

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Buy Apple Stock Before This Date

Would you Live in a Luxury Seapod?

Imagine living on top of the ocean. Drones would deliver everything you need — from groceries to medicine. It sounds like a scene from the future. But the future is here right now »

Robots Took Over this Hotel!

Robots have moved…

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Father Almost Jailed for Helping his Son!?

The New York Times published a wild story earlier this week.

Mark, a stay-at-home dad based in San Francisco, was worried about a rash he’d found on his son’s privates.

He was so concerned that he took photos of it, and at his pediatrician’s request, he emailed them to the…

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LSD May Be Good for You

This Website Predicts the Future

Experts are always trying to predict the next big thing. Surprisingly, one website has accurately been forecasting the future for twenty years »

Are Pigs the Cure for Blindness?

In a recent study, multiple subjects went from being legally blind to having 20/20 vision.…

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How to Get Rich from Mouthwash

Eating this Common Food Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk by Sixty Percent

A certain molecule has the astonishing ability to cut your risk of cancer by sixty percent. Wait ‘til you hear what foods contain this life-saving element »

The Robot Searching for Underwater Cities

The ocean is full…

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Apple Might Owe You Money

You Could Become Half Man, Half Bear

Looking to put on some muscle? Try injecting yourself with “bear serum.” It sounds like the premise for a superhero movie — but it’s real »

Beat the Heat with Technology

It’s hot out there! But these tech gadgets can keep you…

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Driving This Car Is Putting You at Risk

Amazon Is Working on a Cancer Vaccine

You already use to buy books, clothes, and food. But soon, the e-commerce giant may be offering something truly unique. Get the scoop »

Set Sail on an Autonomous Ship

Self-driving cars haven’t gained much traction yet. But another type of…

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Could Drones Cure Cancer?

AI Is Coming to… Soccer?

The World Cup is getting a big dose of Artificial Intelligence. Find out how it’ll be used, and why it could make the sport more exciting than ever »

A Piece of Your Childhood Is Back!

It was a major phenomenon in the 1970s…

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