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Consumers have spoken. And their message is clear: meat is out, plants are in.

Increasingly, consumers are turning away from meat and gravitating toward plant-based meat alternatives. According to Future Market Insights, the meat-alternative market is projected to grow from around fourteen billion dollars today to $230 billion by 2033.

Unreal Deli is targeting this market with its award-winning plant-based deli meats. This company was featured on the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” and voted “#1 Plant-Based Meat” by Thrillist. Unreal Deli is in thousands of locations with three products, and has several more in development, including plant-based bacon.

The shift to plant-based meat alternatives is a major trend. And it’s involved everyone from startups, to professional investors, to the world’s biggest meat companies.

• In spring 2019, JBS, the world’s largest beef producer, unveiled a plant-based version of its burger.

• That summer, Smithfield Foods, another meat producer, launched its own “meat-free” range of items.

• And Nestle acquired Sweet Earth, a plant-based food company, in September 2017. Two years later, it launched the “Incredible Burger,” made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

Why the focus on deli meats? In the U.S., 300 million sandwiches are eaten every day. In other words, this is a massive opportunity.

Many meat alternatives are overly processed and use synthetic ingredients, sacrificing many of the benefits of plant-based eating. Unreal Deli’s “meats,” in contrast, are made using whole vegetables and protein-rich grains. Its corned beef, roasted turkey, and steak slices each have more than a dozen grams of protein and are made without nitrates or cholesterol.

Unreal Deli is the only premium plant-based deli meat on the market. It’s sold at 3,000 stores nationwide, including large chains like Publix, Kroger, Albertsons, and Whole Foods. Next year, the company will begin sales in Walmart, Giant, and HEB stores, as well as thousands of college campuses.

Team Background

Walter Morris - Director of Marketing

Walter has twenty-five years of consumer-product marketing experience.

He began as a senior designer with Callan Advertising Company, then spent ten years with Holler Morris Creative, where he developed brand strategies for small and large companies.

More recently, he founded Rabbit Hole Foods, a company that developed and launched a line of plant-based spreads and dips. He then served as Chief Commercial Officer with R&D Productions, a business that focused on designing branding for emerging plant-based food products.

Rosanna Caira - Director of R&D

Rosanna has twenty-five years of vegan cooking and food-production experience.

She spent eleven years as President of Rabbit Hole Foods, the food company started by Walter Morris developing plant-based options. Before that, she was a chef with EM Productions, responsible for preparing meals for celebrities like comedian Eddie Murphy.

Early in her career, Rosanna worked for Serendipity Foods, focusing on private label R&D. She earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Jenny Goldfarb - Founder & CEO

Jenny is a prominent vegan advocate who began her career as a food blogger.

After studying at George Washington University, she decided to turn her passion for plant-based eating into her own business and started Unreal Deli.


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