Stark Drones

Air-Powered Batteries

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Telecom Services


Troy, MI

Stark Drones is using cutting-edge technology to improve the world.

It’s building things like air-powered batteries, cost-efficient internet balloons, and decentralized telecommunications grids — all to address the world’s ability to communicate.

More specifically, Stark Drones has created a compressed air-energy storage battery system. This system is a fraction of the price of lithium-ion batteries and can potentially be charged in fifteen seconds. Additionally, the company has created a balloon-based telemetry system.

Together, these innovations could enable a more distributed and open internet, as well as provide upgrades to grid power and transmission infrastructure.

Stark Drones has multiple patents granted and pending, and has completed tests of its various technologies. The company aims to commercialize its innovations through joint ventures and government collaborations.

Team Background

Andrew Kamal - Chief Executive Officer
Trevor Miller - Software Architect


$35.582K (4%)
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$20.625 million
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Title III
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