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Four-Day Workweeks Are Coming

Starbucks' Newest Product Has its CEO Worried Do you put sugar or creamer in your morning coffee? Makes sense. But adding this to your cup of Joe is just weird. Has Starbucks gone off the deep end? » Would You Pay for Facebook? More than two billion people use Facebook…

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My #1 Strategy To Find the Next Starbucks

Fifty years ago, a tiny coffee shop with a strange name opened in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. It was called Starbucks, and it grew slowly at first. But as it expanded across the U.S. and overseas, its popularity and value started to soar. Eventually, twenty-four years after it was founded,…

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Don't Visit Another Website Until You Read This…

“Alexa, Who’s Breaking Into My House?” No need for fancy alarm systems or menacing watch dogs. Now your smart speaker can help protect your home. Find out how right here » This McDonalds Doubles as a U.S. Embassy The world’s largest fast food joint is adding a new item to…

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Time to Dump Starbucks Stock?

Your Flying Taxi Has Arrived For years, Uber’s been dreaming of a world where taxis could fly. A few days ago, its dream finally arrived. Get your first look right here » From Liking and Poking to Wining and Dining Facebook is getting more social than ever. Earlier this week,…

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