$24 Billion Opportunity on this “Dead Stock”

“Maybe it’s your bony elbows,” said my wife.

She was busy throwing out a bunch of my sweaters, just like she does every fall.

You see, after a year or two of wear, holes emerge in the elbows of my sweaters. And as my wife has suggested, the likely culprit…

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Invest Alongside James Cameron for 1,000% Returns

Avatar, James Cameron’s epic science-fiction movie, was released in 2009.

It was meant to be in theaters ten years earlier. But according to Cameron, the technology he needed to achieve his vision just wasn’t available back then.

But once the technology was available — boom! Avatar soon became the highest-grossing…

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Could This Man be “The Next Elon Musk”?

My wife’s family is from a small town on the coast of Maine called Brunswick.

We visit every summer and I always look forward to it…

We spend time with her family, walk around historic areas filled with shops that haven’t changed for generations — and most importantly, we eat…

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Amazon (AMZN) Trading for $1.50!?

Imagine being able to hop into a time machine and head back to 1996, the dawn of the Internet.

You’d be able to pick up Apple stock when it was trading at just $0.25 a share…

Or shares of Amazon when it was trading at just $1.50 a share. That…

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How the Rich Plan to Stay Rich in 2023

Are the rich really so different from everyone else?

After all, we all put on our pants one leg at a time. And no one’s immune to nuisances like the common cold or hangovers.

But in at least one important way, the rich really are different.

Today, I’ll explain how…

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The Perfect “Real-Estate Recession” Investment?

Real Estate can be a fantastic asset class.

Not only does it give you the potential to earn big gains as property values increase… but it also gives you the opportunity to earn ongoing income.

But given the environment today — high real estate prices, sky-high mortgage rates, a strong…

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Should You Invest in this “$500 Venture Fund”?

Venture capital funds are basically like mutual funds for startups…

And they’ve become one of the hottest and most exclusive investments on the planet.

Many top funds boast returns that trounce the market, and even outperform Warren Buffett. That’s why it’s so difficult for even the wealthiest investors to grab…

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