21 Stocks to Buy Before Trump Becomes President

Russia’s Failed Internet Experiment

Long before the World Wide Web, the Soviets tried to save the USSR with a computer network. Why did their project never make it? Nyet Internet!


[Graphic Video] Athlete Killed by Social Media

With all the new “live streaming” apps out there, the pressure…

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Ready To Invest in Flying Cars?

[Video] Porsche Cayman Races Pack of Drones

In this video, an insane stunt driver behind the wheel of a Porsche 718 Cayman S takes on a flock of high-speed drones. Floored »


Lamborghini’s Turbo-Charged Speaker System

This city-shaking sound system features a Lamborghini exhaust, a carbon fiber monocoque…

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The 23 Weirdest Start-ups Ever

Google Says Your Table Is Ready

By tracking the physical location of its users, a new tool from Google can tell you how crowded it is right now at your favorite dinner spot or bar. Creepy? Or really awesome? »


[Photos] Astounding Superyachts

Today’s most luxurious private yachts…

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[Photos] NSA’s Spy Hub in NYC

Google Glass is Baaaack

Remember those wearable glasses from Google? The ones that never caught on because they were super weird looking? Lucky you: a new version of them is coming—but this time they’ll be from Apple. See you there »


Domino’s Delivers By Drone

A couple from…

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Health Danger Alert: Virtual Reality

This Start-Up Can Control Your Dreams

Five years ago, a young man dropped out of a Ph.D. program and created a sophisticated device that you wear while you sleep. The device, which costs $300, claims it can help you to take control of your dreams »


Use This…

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Shocking Study: Facebook Users Live Longer

Thank You, Amazon

Matthew Weiner, the creator of Mad Men (and former writer and producer of The Sopranos) has a new gig. Amazon just committed $70 million for his new TV series. Prepare to binge watch »


The Changing Colors of Leaves

Across the U.S., leaves are changing…

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