New Study Reveals Shocking Key to Good Health

Angry Birds IPO: Buy or Sell?

First they took over our phones, then they conquered the big screen. Now, the company behind these agitated avians is preparing to go public — and its value could surpass $2 billion. Could these birds carry you to financial freedom? »

RV There…

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Disney World for Weed

The Doctor Will Sing To You Now 

Enjoy listening to music? As it turns out, doctors do, too — especially while they’re operating on you. Check out the most popular tracks surgeons rock out to. Please, not Stairway to Heaven! »

No Snacks? Fine. But No Pilots? 

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New York to Boston in… 20 Minutes?!

Male Birth Control

From delicious lab-grown chicken to male birth control, a wave of shocking new technologies is about to be unleashed. Click here to look into the future »

Elon Musk Says Tesla Headed to “Hell”

Demand for Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 is off the charts. So why…

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Lock Your Door…

Can’t Buy Me Love

Venmo is a payment service that makes life easy. It lets you send even the tiniest amount of money to your friends so bills can be split perfectly and small loans can be repaid. But has it put an end to the phrase, “This one’s on…

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It’s a Cockapoo!

Too Busy To Brush Your Teeth? 

You know you should brush your teeth. But sometimes you’re just too busy or too tired. Now there’s a technology solution to solve this hardship. Look at these pearly whites! »

Doomed Start-Up Saved By a Rapper

Left for dead by private…

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The Easiest Way To Hit the Jackpot

Uber for… Garbage?

It’s been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Now, a new start-up has figured out how to turn trash into high-tech profits. Filthy, stinkin’ profits »


Audi Removes Buttons from its Cars 

With its new A8 model, Audi has decided to…

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Bomb Discovered in NYC

“I Can’t Believe That Company Is Worth $1 Billion”

Twenty-five new start-ups this year have reached a valuation of at least $1 billion. You won’t believe which companies made the list »


Your Turn To Be a Rock God

You may have mastered the air guitar, but thanks…

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Warning: Computers Develop "Secret Language"

Finally, Elon Musk Tackles Something Difficult

Build awesome new car company from scratch? Check. Send people to Mars? Check. But now, Musk is finally tackling something hard: the music business »


Uber for Toilets Launches in NYC

Running around and really gotta go? Enjoy the go… on…

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