Make 600% Returns — Without Touching Stocks

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, April 13, 2023

Here at Crowdability, Matt and I like to keep a low profile.

For the past several years, we’ve quietly been teaching ordinary investors like you how to make a fortune by investing in startups.

Sure, professional venture capitalists in Silicon Valley might not like that we’re encroaching on their turf. But since we don’t make a lot of noise, they’ve left us alone so far.

But our cover just got blown — and it might turn Silicon Valley against us for good. You see, a new report just came out, and it puts those “pros” to shame.

And it’s all because of investors like you…

Beating the Pros by More Than 200%

To set the stage here, let me tell you about

WeFunder is a regulated “funding platform” that connects investors like you to startup deals. Currently, there are about 70 of these platforms. WeFunder is one of the most active.

Earlier this month, it publicly released its performance numbers.

In brief, if you’d invested in every one of its deals from 2013 to 2016 — in other words, no cherry-picking — you’d currently be sitting on gains of 6x your money.

That’s enough to turn $10k into $60,000. Or $25k into $150,000.

With the Dow up a little more than 2.5x in the same time frame, that beats the stock market by about 200%.

Turning $1,000 into $281,000

Just for kicks, let’s take a look at a few of the WeFunder startup deals that led to this outsized performance.

Zenefits — Zenefits builds software to help companies manage Human Resources.

If you’d invested $1,000 into Zenefits when it raised money on WeFunder, you’d now be sitting on $281,000.

And if you’d invested $5,000 instead, you’d be sitting on nearly $1.5 million.

Checkr — Checkr is a tech startup providing a quick, easy way to do background checks.

If you’d invested $1,000 into it when it was raising money on WeFunder, your $1,000 would now be worth more than $34,000.

Rappi — Rappi is an on-demand delivery startup.

If you’d invested $1,000 into it when it was first raising money on WeFunder, you’d now be sitting on unrealized profits of $26,000.

Don’t Forget To Do This One Thing on Monday

But here’s the thing…

Unless you’d been reading Crowdability, it’s unlikely you’d have known about sites like WeFunder, or invested in its deals.

That’s because, without Crowdability, you’d need to keep track of this fast-growing market all on your own.

You see, right when we started the company, Matt and I invested a great deal of time and money into building special software.

This software gathers the highest-quality startup deals from all over the Internet — not just from WeFunder, but from Republic, SeedInvest, StartEngine, and many others — and it aggregates them into a single place.

And then, every Monday morning at 11am EST, we send you a single email so you can see a few of these new deals for yourself.

That’s why Crowdability members like you had the chance to earn 400% more than stock market investors, and 200% more than the professionals in Silicon Valley…

And that’s why we believe new members will have the chance to earn big returns, too.

So be sure to keep an eye on your inbox Monday mornings at 11am EST!

Happy Investing

Best Regards,



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