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  • A new federal law – the JOBS Act – allows individual investors to invest in companies before they go public
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“Right now entrepreneurs are already using crowdfunding to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in pure donations -- imagine the possibilities if these small-dollar donors became investors with a stake in the venture.” 

-President Barack Obama

“I am a huge fan of allowing every person, not the just super wealthy and institutions, to participate in the funding of startups. Frankly it's a shame that the average Facebook user has not been able to own shares in Facebook during its increase in value from zero to $100bn.”

-Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist in Twitter & Tumblr

“If all goes well, small companies can raise cash relatively cheaply, while investors get a stake in an innovative business with limited downside risk. “

Crowdfunding 101

  1. Needing capital, an entrepreneur decides to use crowdfunding
  2. He or she chooses which type of crowdfunding to use:
    • Rewards-based (e.g. Kickstarter), where investors receive rewards like t-shirts, or 
    • Equity, where investors receive a stake in the business
  3. If they choose equity, they apply to one of the dozens of SEC-approved crowdfunding sites that match entrepreneurs with investors
  4. These sites review details about each entrepreneur’s business and accept from 1% to 5% of them
  5. If a site accepts an application, it publishes the deal details on its website
  6. Every day, Crowdability gathers deals from the highest-quality sites, and sends them to our members by email
  7. When one of our members chooses to invest, all the details are handled directly by the SEC-approved site


Crowdability At a Glance:
"Equity Crowdfunding" refers to investing in private companies, and receiving a stake in the business in return.  When thousands of us (in other words, the “crowd”) each invest a little bit, we can profit by creating world-changing businesses.
Crowdability is a free newsletter and website dedicated to providing regular investors with access to crowdfunding information and education. We're the only place to find every crowdfunding investment opportunity. We aggregate from dozens of sites daily and only bring you deals from credible, trusted sources.
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  • Roughly 10 to 30 new deals per week
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  • Access to a private website that allows you to quickly search and filter deals that are relevant to you
  • Access to our Crowdfunding Resources & Education Center

Who else uses Crowdability?

  • High Net Worth individual investors
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Angel Groups
  • And anyone else who is interested in investing in companies before the rest of the world knows they exist...


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