For Safer Driving, Add Big Goofy Eyes to Your Car

Maybe Aliens are Getting High Do aliens really exist? To find out, scientists at University of California, Riverside are suggesting we search the skies for a certain “party drug.” Let the search begin » Beware of Facebook’s New Browser Facebook is testing out its own internet browser. It claims the…

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Crazy New Tech: A Big Yellow School Bus with Wings

[Video] The Battle of the Bots! Tesla just unveiled its humanoid robot. But how does it compare to the life-like robot Boston Dynamics has been developing? See for yourself » “Ice Bucket Challenge” Leads to a Potentially Game-Changing Drug Remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? It aimed to raise awareness of…

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Darth Vader Just Joined a Startup

This Happy Meal Is NOT for Kids Kids have been enjoying Happy Meals from McDonald’s for decades. But sorry, kiddies. McDonald’s latest Happy Meal is for adults only. Get the scoop » A Wheel Spontaneously Rolled Uphill — Wait, What?! We didn’t think the wheel needed reinventing. Then we saw…

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Walmart Wants to See You Naked

An Electric Vehicle that Only Goes 30 MPH? Not only is this car slow, but it doesn’t even have a steering wheel. Instead, it has a “tiller steer,” the kind that’s found on boats. What’s going on here? » Losing a Bet May Have Saved Ryan Reynolds' Life After losing…

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Swiss Government on Brink of Discovering Alien Life

The Robot that Rolled Through a Crime Scene During a crime investigation, police in Los Angeles taped off a secure area. But a food-delivery robot didn’t let that prevent it from doing its job. Stop that robot! » The New iPhone Could Save Lives The iPhone 14 comes with “crash…

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The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s

These Cyborg Cockroaches Could Save Your Life Scientists recently figured out how to turn cockroaches into remote-controlled insects. And as it turns out, these cyborgs could save your life one day. Here’s how » A Laser-Powered Lawn Mower An ordinary lawn mower wasn’t doing the trick for Daniel Riley. So…

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Strange New City Opens After 50 Years

Uber Aims to Fix Its Checkered Past Uber has made many mistakes when it comes keeping riders safe. But a new partnership promises to give passengers a new level of security. Learn more » Beware These Vacation-Rental Red Flags Looking for a Labor Day vacation rental? Steer clear of any…

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Buy Apple Stock Before This Date

Would you Live in a Luxury Seapod? Imagine living on top of the ocean. Drones would deliver everything you need — from groceries to medicine. It sounds like a scene from the future. But the future is here right now » Robots Took Over this Hotel! Robots have moved one…

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Father Almost Jailed for Helping his Son!?

The New York Times published a wild story earlier this week. Mark, a stay-at-home dad based in San Francisco, was worried about a rash he’d found on his son’s privates. He was so concerned that he took photos of it, and at his pediatrician’s request, he emailed them to the…

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LSD May Be Good for You

This Website Predicts the Future Experts are always trying to predict the next big thing. Surprisingly, one website has accurately been forecasting the future for twenty years » Are Pigs the Cure for Blindness? In a recent study, multiple subjects went from being legally blind to having 20/20 vision. Find…

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